Casey Jermyn, 2011 CDRC Staff

I watched Casey Jermyn run for years.  A native Montanan – he began running when he was 13.  Obviously his success while attending Plains High School caught Montana State University Head Track and Field/Cross Country Coach Dale Kennedy’s attention.  Why wouldn’t it? Casey won 3 Montana High School State Cross Country Titles (still holds the Class B Course record of 14:55), [...]

Rattlesnakin’ . . . and a Setback

The rattlesnakes near where I live are about to emerge given some consistent warm weather (currently an illusion).  Sage brush lined single track will be moving off of my trail list and hopefully be replaced with USDA Forest Service Trails.  The rattlesnake running I am referring to are the beautiful trails found in the Rattlesnake Recreation area near Missoula, MT.  [...]