All Four Winners – Part 3 of 4

I always enjoy watching an elite runner compete particularly if I am track side, up close and personal.  Such was the case in Bozeman, Montana as I was officiating the Big Sky Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships, 2007.  The runner I was watching did indeed win his races.  All three of them; 800 meters, Mile and 3000 meters.  He [...]

All Four: Winners! Part 2 of 4

“Running is like life.  You start at the same place with your fellow runners.  You all finish at the same place. How you do is largely up to you.  If you win, you congratulate your team and yourself.  If you lose, you evaluate how to improve. You can’t make excuses like “he didn’t pass me the ball” or “the coach [...]

All Four Winners! Part 1

I really enjoy reading a good book.  Particularly when you mix running and people who command attention as both great athletes and genuine human beings.  Not all successful runners mix the two well.  But I found three that have.  Add one more book that exposes the training, culture and success of the Kenyans and you have four good reads for [...]

Got a Favorite?

Move over Lake Fork Trail.  There is a new kid in town.  Favorite trail that is.  Discovered during a recent adventure to Glacier National Park.  Specific location listed as classified! This new trail?  Nothing short of a breathtaking surreal trail running experience. Picture this – a dense forest canopy high overhead created by ancient cedar trees – where little sunlight [...]

Train With Flexibility

“How was your daughter’s wedding?” – a friend asked.  “An absolute hoot!” was my response.  And it was.  I haven’t eaten that much cake nor danced so late into the night than that outdoor country wedding just a few weeks ago.  Looking at my training diary it appeared I did rather enjoy myself.  Nothing but goose eggs for a few [...]

The June 23, 2012 weather forecast for the 5th annual Wulfman Continental Divide 14k Trail Race is for temperatures to reach 83 degrees by mid – afternoon.  The racing competition between runners may just deliver even hotter temperatures earlier in the morning. Selected by Runners World 2012 as the “Best Time Trial” Trail Race, WCDT is preparing to deliver another [...]

I once heard a cross country coach state that “form doesn’t matter, it’s all about conditioning” in response to a question from a parent concerned about his son’s awkward looking running form. The truth is, your running form does matter, both from a performance and injury prevention perspective. One of the discriminating factors between distance runners is their level of [...]

“Meet me at the Pig Farm”

“Meet me at the Pig Farm – we will run there”.  Pig Farm?  We are running at a pig farm?  Sensing my initial resistance, the caller on the other end of the telephone conversation chimed in with further instructions; “don’t worry – I will explain.  Just meet me there.  We will run about seven miles.” Seven miles at a pig [...]