Rattlesnakin’ . . . and a Setback

The rattlesnakes near where I live are about to emerge given some consistent warm weather (currently an illusion).  Sage brush lined single track will be moving off of my trail list and hopefully be replaced with USDA Forest Service Trails.  The rattlesnake running I am referring to are the beautiful trails found in the Rattlesnake Recreation area near Missoula, MT.  [...]

Jim Walker, PhD – CDRC 2011 Staff

I first met Jim at a road race in Bozeman, Montana. I showed Jim my backside for about a mile and a half and then he showed me his for the remainder of the race.  Actually he was so far ahead of me I lost sight of him.  I had just moved to Bozeman to attend graduate school and upon [...]

People in the running world continue to amaze me.  Athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers all contribute to a sport that offers multiple opportunities to get involved.  Their dedication to the sport is inspiring.  Such was the case today when I received a registration for the Continental Divide Running Clinic, July 22 – 24th 2011 held at the Homestake Lodge near Butte, [...]

Time to Say Thank You – Special Edition

Special Edition of “Enjoy the Run Blog” What a week in the world of distance running.  Boston performances – well the word I am using to describe what happened in Massachusetts on Monday is “epic”. Both men’s and women’s races were poignant examples of the depth of the talent pool at the current world/elite level.  Regarding Ryan Hall’s performance – [...]

Favorite Road Race 2010

As a race participant my rating of races has changed over the years.  Appears most recently that a fun factor has trumped setting a personal record on a flat fast course.  So when applying the fun factor – my choice of a favorite road race for 2010 was easy.  A Ozark 5k in early November, run at night, through a [...]

Favorite Trail Race 2010

Toss up here.  I ran two trail races last year – the Wulfman Continental Divide 14k Trail Race – Butte, MT  and the USATF 15k National Championship Trail Race held near Spokane, WA.  The Wulfman CDT race is hosted by a local running club who does a very good job attending to details.  I call this race a “destination” race [...]

Hardest Workout of 2010

This is an easy one.  Selection that is – not the workout. I travel a bit with my job so I like to keep a pair of running shoes and gear close in the event I come upon a time in my schedule (lunch break) and location conducive for a run.  Such was the case last October when business took [...]

Favorite Trail Run of 2010

s promised here is my favorite trail run of 2010; the Lake Trail found south of Red Lodge, Montana in the Custer National Forest.  Why?  No motorized vehicles, just wide single track trail meandering along a whitewater mountain stream, gentle grade, mix of lodge pole pine and fir trees, with sharp ascents to the mountain peaks above.  Warning! There are [...]