A Great Bakery!

Great Harvest Bread Company, Butte, Montana that is!  100_2762.JPG.scaled1000Talk about wonderful bread and bread products.  Be loose and have fun. Bake phenomenal bread.  Run fast to help customers. Give generously to others.  What a mission statement. Sounds like a fun place to work.

Just walking into their bakery located at 1803 North Harrison Avenue is a treat.  Their products are an added bonus! There is just something special about what they bake. Great Harvest Bread Company, Butte is owned by Bert and Paula Plattner and Dale and Jen Giem. I recently caught up with Bert and Paula and asked them about their business.  Here is what I learned;

When did Great Harvest Bread Company begin operations?  100_2759.JPG.scaled1000Bert/Paula – “This was originally a Great Harvest Bread Company Corporate Store.  We began our own operations in 2003.“

What is your typical work day like?  Bert – “my day usually begins at 2 AM. ” Paula- my day usually begins at 6 AM.”

What keeps you wanting to own your own business and working these hours? Bert/Paula – “We have always wanted to own, manage and run our own business. It is not just a job. We really value our customers – particularly our regulars.  You develop relationships with them and we appreciate their patronage.”

In addition to outstanding bread products this bakery offers a full service lunch and breakfast menu including sandwiches and soups. Great Harvest Bread Company started in Great Falls, Montana in 1974. Today there are over 200 Great Harvest’s all independently owned & operated by people passionate about providing fresh, wholesome, made from scratch products.

It is a real privilege to have them as a Continental Divide Running Clinic 2011 Sponsor.  Yes their products will be served on the CDRC 2011 menu!

Next up – Off to CDRC.  Until then – enjoy the run!

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