Homestake Lodge – Site of CDRC

“Wow”. That is the best description I have heard others respond with when attempting to capture words to describe Homestake Lodge located near Butte, Montana.  100_2723.JPG.scaled1000I would have to agree.  Homestake Lodge is a Nordic ski destination in the winter and a summer mountain bike, trail  running and racing hot spot in the summer. I first visited Homestake Lodge two years ago following completion of the Wulfman CDT 14k Trail race. I was touring the lodge with some running friends and upon gazing out the many large windows found in the lodge exclaimed “what a great place for a running clinic”. And thus the idea behind the Continental Divide Running Clinic 2011 was born.

I recently caught up with owners Chris and Mandy Axelson (and son Lars) and asked them “how did HL 100_2565.JPG.scaled1000come to be”?

CM – “We had the idea for a long time and searched all over the Rocky Mountain West for such a property.  We knew we needed a central location, ease of access, good natural attributes, an elevation favorable for snow, not too steep but gently rolling terrain.”

KK – “What is the history of this site?” CM – “These 160 acres were an original homestead dating back to 1905”.

KK – “Were there any improvements on this property?”  CM – “We have built everything.  The lodge, cabin, our home, yurt, shop and garage. We also built 35k of100_2558.JPG.scaled1000 ski trails which included clearing trees and seeding.  We are completely off grid so energy production and use are critical to our operations.  Our large lodge consumed only 50 gallons of fuel this past year”.

KK - “Why does HL exist?” CM – “We began operations in 2007 with a primary goal of providing an outdoor experience for people at an affordable price.  The 35k of ski trails provides excellent Nordic skiing.  We have summer trails open for single track mountain biking and running.  We are hoping to expand this system with another 10k of trails onto adjacent forest lands”.

The Homestake Lodge is indeed a beautiful facility in a truly spectacular setting. This facility will serve as the base camp for the Continental Divide Running Clinic 2011, held July 22 – 24.  Contact Kirk at for more information.

Next up – The Best Bread on the Planet. Until then – enjoy the run!

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