1. Which plan is best for me?  A = that depends.  If you are an experienced runner who needs someone to be accountable to, design workouts, give feedback for adjustments, then the KC Performance Package could work.  If you would like to have more contact, more race preparation / more guidance then the Performance Gold would be a better fit.
2. What is the “You Design Option”? A = you tell me what you feel best fits your needs.
3. Can I change plans? A = absolutely!  If for any reason you decide that a different plan is best for you a change at month end will work.
4. What is the preferred payment method? A = personal check is the preferred payment method.
5. What if I have questions as I am trying to decide if I want to use KC? A = please contact me via email; kkeller@kellercoaching.com or lets set up a brief phone call to discuss.
6. If I refer another athlete who begins a coaching relationship is there a discount? A = absolutely!  For every KC Athlete you refer – and who engages in a KC package, you will receive a 10% discount on your monthly KC Personalized Training Plan as long as they continue services.
7. Are there discounts for KC sponsored events? A = Yes – for example a summer running clinic hosted by KC – discount applied to registration.
8. Do you work with trail runners? A = Yes! Running, training and racing on trails is fun!