Step One – email me your initial interest. This begins the process of matching your objectives with Keller Coaching Resources.

Step Two – Complete a brief questionnaire that I will send via email to facilitate this step.

Step Three – –I will contact you to schedule a phone call discussing, your objectives, survey responses, and an outline of Keller Coaching Services recommended for performance excellence. This individual outline will be unique to you, your objectives and services you are requesting. Your training plan and support should reflect your uniqueness. Most KC coached athletes’ packages are in the $45 – $75 / month range.

Choose from a package that fits;

  • Performance
  • Performance Plus
  • Performance Gold
  • You-Design 

My guarantee to you – if at any time you wish to cancel services for any reason, services and payments can be stopped at the end of the current month.

For Coaches – Case Study – per athlete.  Designed to assist you in problem solving your challenging training and athlete questions.