It is that time of year.  The calendar says it is Christmas which means a quick close to December and putting 2015 in the books.  I really enjoy this time of year!  In addition to the celebrations it is a time to reflect on and evaluate this past year.  Why?  Without looking behind how will we know where to go?

The biggest tool in reviewing your year is to look no farther than your training journal.  When working with an athlete I use training cycles in an effort to achieve peak performance.  This is where your journal and a calendar are helpful.  Assessing both is a critical step in maximizing both your training cycles and racing opportunities.

2015 for me was not a great year for racing results.  In fact I only raced once;  the inaugural Lewis and Clark Expedition 12k Trail Race hosted by the Bozeman Running Company. A really fun trail race! I raced as hard as I could, but was already beginning a slide into a sickness that ultimately forced me to raise the white flag on my training. How do I know this? I had a training run on the same course 2 weeks prior that was much faster.  Following this respiratory illness and a weakened immune system, I just wanted to get healthy. I just wanted to run for fun.  Adding a significant Achilles injury this forced me to take almost 6 months off.  Not what I had planned!

Much has been written about setting goals.  We all need something to target which delivers an added incentive when struggling to get out the door on cold, snowy mornings.  Go ahead, chart your course as 2016 beckons! As you look into 2016 and begin to identify races you are ready to enter, log them into your calendar.  Using these as a goal, then establish the training you have used with success prior to each. Evaluate this past year for what worked and what didn’t.  Adjust accordingly.

So as you are setting your training schedule for 2016 and entering races, leave room for the rest periods that are so critical to your training cycles.  Cut yourself some slack if you need to adjust either your training or racing.  After all … just being out there is a victory by itself!  Most of all – schedule fun into your running!

Take the guess work out of your training and racing!  Let Keller Coaching help!  Together we can do this!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time … enjoy the run!

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