100_498816 months and counting.  5 races in 2016 with more planned for 2017.  Why is this a big deal?  Here is why; prior to October 2015 I was on a roller coaster of injuries and illness that took its toll.  “Give it up” was what I was hearing.  So I took 5 months off.  Then the bug bit again and I started to train and immediately the cycle began to repeat itself.  Fast forward to January, 2017 and I haven’t looked back.  What happened during October 2015? With a strong recommendation from my wife I began a supplement regimen at the beginning of October, 2015.  I revealed this story in Part One of an earlier blog post “Public Disclosure”. Here is an update.

Full disclosure: I have been using these supplements now for 16 months and all systems are go. Same training plan (minor adjustments), same sleep, same diet, same stress management, but what I did add were daily supplements from doTERRA Essential Oils. Why such a turn around?  I believe it is the anti-inflammation properties of the essential oils that make the difference.  Yes there has been a time or two that I could feel an ache approaching so in addition I hit the doTERRA On-Guard and was able to ward off any advance of the illness. Why was this one two punch effective? Because I had built a healthy foundation to work from with a consistent use of the supplements, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep.  Same mileage, same trails, same tempo runs, but all with a healthy body.

I ran trails at will, jumped in 5 races,  including the Devils Backbone 25M Trail Race and the Bridger Ridge Run with a daughter!  In addition – I hiked while in Glacier National Park, floated the Smith River with a high school buddy, and hunted hard in the fall.  It was so good to be healthy. I had so much fun running in 2016 –  the fun is back!

At 58 years old, I know that my race times are slowing down.  However I am determined to go as far as I can, as hard as I can, as long as I can, and slow down the slow down.  I am so thankful I have found a winning combination!

If interested, contact me and I will share with you the specific doTERRA essential oils I use and the scientific references.

Until next time – enjoy the run!

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