035.JPG.scaled1000Time for a full public confession.  I have been using a supplement.  Probably doesn’t fall onto the list of “banned substances” by either the USA Olympic Committee or the IAAF.  But using a supplement to aid in my running performance and health is a new tool in my arsenal!  Call me a skeptic. Call me what you want but the difference has been dramatic. I am now a believer. I have been supplementing for 5 + months.

I have for a long time done my best to ignore the impact of this issue called “age”.  Not one to argue with the declining results that age brings with performance, I finally had to sit down and have an honest conversation with myself.  Why?  Over the past few years I had been on a roller coaster ride and hadn’t even bought a ticket!  At times it was a nightmare.  I really wanted to get off this ride but no such luck.

I have been dealing with a hip issue that flares up with any increase in training intensity or volume.  A year ago my hip pain was a 7.5 to 8.5 on a 1 – 10 scale. I couldn’t lay on my right side for longer than 1 minute without the pain sending me into a different position.  In addition to this hip issue … I was reeling from a compromised immune system that was in much need of repair. Just when I would get healthy I would slide back into an upper respiratory illness that would necessitate a dramatic adjustment in my training volume.  Not fun. When will this ride end?

Fast forward into early 2016.  I have been taking a supplement now for approximately 5 months.  Here are the results.  First … the inflammation producing my hip pain has been reduced to a pain level of 2.5 – 3. A big difference that allows me to climb stairs, run uphill and lay on my right side!  My immune system?  I haven’t been sick all winter.  Wowzer!

No longer a skeptic.  I now embrace the need to bolster a healthy diet and exercise regimen with this supplement.  No more reminders required. It is an encouragement to run and hike at will without making substantial adjustments to my schedule. Interested in learning more?  Contact me!  Not sure where my training and racing will take me, but bring it on and pass my daily nutritional supplements!

Until next time … enjoy the run!

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