Fall Runs and Races

It could be the crunching of newly fallen leaves beneath your shoes.  Or the crisp air that demands a long sleeve t-shirt and lightweight gloves.  But for me – the surest sign of fall is a cross country race.  Gotta love the sport. Nothing left on the course. Character and guts fully exposed to the public and competitors. Hills, grass, dirt (or mud) and wind!

But whether you are racing or just enjoying a fall run – for me fall is the best time of year to be a runner.  Plenty of fall races – no oppressive summer heat, tree leaves in full décor, a fine time to create great running memories.

Fall races whether cross country, trail or road are a time to capitalize on summer miles and early fall training.  A time to “cash in” as I call it.  A time to redeem all the hard work, long hours and commitment you exhibited in the previous months.

Guess you could compare fall running and racing (prior to winter) as preparation for hibernation. For runners who enjoy fall runs we are trying to squeeze in as many races and miles as we can. Not that winter is a time to curl up and do nothing – but for those who endure snow, cold, wind and challenging outdoor conditions the upcoming season can be daunting. This is why fall is so special, so much fun!

As you progress through the fall months – take time to witness  the changes around you.  Some subtle, some obvious.

Geese heading south, the crack of the starter’s gun, whatever the reason, layer up and get out enjoying your fall runs!

(Note – thanks to Mandy Wachtel (SNU XC, Bethany, OK) for the photo – Oklahoma State University Cowboy Jamboree Cross Country Race 2011 – thanks Mandy!)OSU Cowboy Jamboree 2011

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