Favorite Trail Race 2010

Toss up here.  I ran two trail races last year – 035.JPG.scaled1000the Wulfman Continental Divide 14k Trail Race – Butte, MT  and the USATF 15k National Championship Trail Race held near Spokane, WA.  The Wulfman CDT race is hosted by a local running club who does a very good job attending to details.  I call this race a “destination” race due to the fact runners put this race on their calendar early in the year and point training specifically in this direction.  Staggered start – run along the spine of the CDT -point to point - well over 6,000′ elevation with plenty of ups and downs.  Great trail, tough competition, good race support, high value for the race registration fees, and a tremendous feast post race held at the nearby Homestake Lodge.

The USATF 15k National Championship Trail Race was a tough race.  The start went up – and up with a 23% grade for at least 300+ meters – in loose gravel.  Ouch.  Two loops so we ran this twice.  Fun trail – plenty of wide single track, turns galore amidst the Ponderosa Pine trees.  The late July heat took a toll so adjusting pace throughout the race was 042.JPG.scaled1000imperative.   Jeff Thomas – Helena, MT aka “mountain goat Jeff” and I traded positions numerous times throughout the race.  We had two Big Sky Distance Project Male Masters finishers in the top 5 of the 50+.  A great competitor – no one runs the steep stuff as well as Jeff. MT women did quite well – check the results via the USATF website. Regardless of where you finish in a trail race – there is a sense of accomplishment running as fast as you can through the trees, across rocks, up and down hills – this is fun!  If you plan on running the Wulfman – enter early – this race has a cap and fills up!  If you plan on running the USATF 15k National Championship – the race will be held once again in Spokane but in mid May vs late July.  There is just something special about a trail race.  Hard to explain – unless you have developed a passion for the dirt, rocks, hills, streams, and? Enjoy.

Next up – favorite road race of 2010.  The entry may surprise you.  Until then – enjoy the run.

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