Long runs followed by pancakes are a sweet combination.  Particularly if someone else is doing the cooking! Can’t be beat any combination of fruit, nuts, syrup, and whip cream covering a stack of hot cakes! Unbeknownst to select restaurants there was a contest combining a morning long run with an order of their best short stack.  Here are the four restaurants and runs that made the finalist cut;

Main Street Over Easy/Bozeman, Montana, run: Bozeman Creek Trail

Kountry Korner Cafe/Bozeman, Montana, run: South Cottonwood Trail

Wall Drug Store, Wall, South Dakota, run: Badlands of South Dakota

Running Bear Pancake House, West Yellowstone, Montana, run: Rendezvous Ski Trail

The criteria used to establish the winner was a combination of; the fun factor of the run, entrée flavor and quality  complimented by the ambiance of their restaurant (or maybe their willingness to entertain sweaty, slightly 100_2508.JPG.scaled1000smelly, and sometimes muddy customers!).  No complaints were registered from runners from any of the food entries – but there was one purveyor of fine dining that stood out above its’ peers.

It is with great pleasure to award the 2011 Greatest Long Run and Pancake Restaurant Award to the Running Bear Pancake House, West Yellowstone, Montana.  Light, fluffy, packed with flavor.  We are not talking some mix coming out of a box!  Consider price, location (just 4 blocks from the Rendezvous Ski Trail), atmosphere, great weather for a trail run all combined to launch them to the top. Having a title of a “Running Bear” didn’t hurt!  The Rendezvous Ski Trails are a maze of trails located on the south edge of West Yellowstone.  Single track – run them hard or run them easy – just a great place to get a long trail run in at 6,600’+ elevation.

Runner up in close fashion was the restaurant located within the Wall Drug Store, Wall, South Dakota.  If you have ever 100_2526.JPG.scaled1000traveled in the region undoubtedly you have seen their infamous bill boards adorning the highways.  If you haven’t stopped there, do so playing tourist for at least one meal of great pancakes! Runs in the area must include side trips into the Badlands adorning the landscape.  Pretty cool place to run.

If you have other restaurants you would like to receive a review for the 2012 Greatest Long Run and Pancake Restaurant Award – please forward both the run and restaurant!  Game on! I will add them to my list of target runs and eateries for 2012.

What is your favorite pancake restaurant?

Next up –Fall Runs – Don’t Miss Them!  Until then – enjoy the run!

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