“Meet me at the Pig Farm”

“Meet me at the Pig Farm – we will run there”.  Pig Farm?  We are running at a pig farm?  Sensing my initial resistance, the caller on the other end of the telephone conversation chimed in with further instructions; “don’t worry – I will explain.  Just meet me there.  We will run about seven miles.” Seven miles at a pig farm.  Okay – guess I had better trust this guy.  However having grown up in the Midwest no one needs to tell me about pig farms.

When I travel on business I like to keep my running gear handy.  Such was the 013_-_Copy.JPG.scaled1000case upon a spring trip into the Flathead Lake area of Montana.  I had called a former athlete that I coached while at MSU and he did in fact have time for a run.  Glad we could connect.  The Pig Farm produced one of the best areas for a training run I have found in that part of the world.  Nothing but a maze of single and double track trails strewn throughout the forests. No pigs in sight (or smell).  Cool, shaded, forgiving surfaces, up, down, couldn’t ask for anything more.  Seven miles was a short run at the Pig Farm. I have returned solo many times now that I know about the “Pig Farm”.  Guess you had to be there the day he and his team named this great training area.

When working with athletes I review training journal entries on a regular basis.  Some runners are good about describing where they run.  Others – well typical journal entries read; “eight mile run total with the middle four miles at tempo pace.”  Doesn’t tell much about terrain – does it?

I guess I have made this a bit of a game over the years.  New route? New trail?  Then such deserves a name to be entered into your training journal.  Homestead Run, Griz Ridge, Rollercoaster, First Gate, Bear Alley, Silver City, Madison River, South Road, Bear Trap, Lone Tree Ridge, Headwaters.  Each carry more than a name.  Two are synonymous with a very hard workout.  Never an easy run when you see that particular course referenced in the journal.  Others – more conducive for a hill, tempo, recovery or easy run.

Typically something happened on a particular run for a name to be assigned. Or maybe it was an encounter, such as the old miner’s cabin crumbling in time- or the large grizzly track I jumped over.  Whatever the reason – get creative! Have some fun assigning names to your running routes!  Guess I had better get going.  Easy recovery run today.  Think I will run nine – via Lone Tree Ridge.

Until next time – enjoy the run!

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