Have a Great Run!


I reached across the counter and left the car keys with the auto shop technician as he opened his service shop. I then headed out the door on an early morning run.  Just day light enough to not need a headlamp, I found a favorite trail and began running through the new snow.  The snow crunched under each step as I headed out through the trail maze in Bozeman, Montana.  Winter running at its’ best. 

As I passed a woman walking on the trail, she called out to me; “Have a great run!”.  Just what I needed to hear.  Her words commanded attention to my pace, the sounds of running in new snow, the trees around me, the early morning noises.  I did indeed plan on having a great run! 

Far too often I have found myself so immersed into a workout that I hyper-focused on the objectives of the workout that I missed the small benefits right in front of me. Sights, sounds, smells, anything to grab my attention and build a heart of gratitude for all that I had to experience over the course of my short 3 mile run.

I have signed off each blog posting created with a “Enjoy the run” complimentary close.  By building a heart of gratitude that we each can get out the door and go for a run is pretty powerful.  Suddenly the pace doesn’t seem quite so bad.  The small aches are lessened.  Smiles to others along the trail come easier.  It takes the attention away from ourselves and invites all the above into our world.  It heightens our senses.
It is such a blessing and privilege to be able to be physically active, to move, to run, to climb, to ski, to sled, and yes even just to walk.  To be able to train is a bonus. 

So a big “yes” to the lady I passed on the trail that early frosty December morning.  I am thankful her words woke me up and reminded me of all the blessings my running brings.  How about you?

Until next – yes do enjoy the run!

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