IMG_20161208_110349162They were just spilling off the shelf in my closet.  The pile I had created had grown over the years to the point a maximum carrying capacity was exceeded.  Something had to change. First I sat down and counted each of them (you don’t want to know how many!).  Each carried a flood of memories that came rushing back to me as I held each one.  Memories of sweat, hills, finish lines and great competition all became crystal clear. But it was time to purge.  I ended up keeping just a handful of the running and racing t-shirts found on my shelf. The rest ended up in a box of rags used for oil changes.  So the same action comes now to the cardboard boxes in the garage.  Time to allow others to recycle and reuse the gold found there.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to train and race with some very special people.  Fond memories of great training on the track running 400s, 800s and mile repeats.  Fun memories of outstanding training runs on the roads and in the forest along single track trails, followed up with a stop at a local breakfast eatery for pancakes.  Then the races.  It has been so rewarding competing with and alongside so many talented runners!  This has been such a blessing in my life – to share in the adventures that long distance training and racing brings.
Sharing sweat over miles of strategically placed workouts creates a bond.  Mutual respect, admiration and a bit of healthy competition!  And yes I have had the good fortune of “making the podium” on a number of occasions.  This is where you come in.

Are you a race director, high school, club or track coach in need of trophies?  If so, please contact me.  It is time.  Time to replace the plate on the trophy with your race.  Time to reuse, recycle.  They are yours.  Lets connect!  I want these trophies to be used again.  Some tall, some short.  All in good condition (remember they have been boxed up in the garage for a long time!), they are just in need of a new name plate.

Sorry – but I am not offering any t-shirts for recycle!  You wouldn’t want them anyway! Please contact me via email; to schedule an appointment.  Let’s get these trophies out in circulation!

Until next time – enjoy the run!

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